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About Bags by Pink
Bags By Pinky is a family owned and operated business. It opened in 1969 in New York City. Pinky & Linda began the business and have since passed it on to their son, David. Bags By Pinky now operates from Miami, but Pinky & Linda are still a big part of the business. Pinky personally oversees the operation on a daily basis.

We carry only the finest Italian leathers and tapestries, and all of our goods are manufactured in Miami, Florida. We are one of the few remaining domestic manufactures of Wholesale Handbags and Wholesale Purses. Our leathers are available in more than twelve solid colors, and more than one hundred printed leathers.

Bags By Pinky is one of the few remaining handbag manufacturer’s in the United States. We are proud of this fact, and provide the highest quality goods, at a moderate price. Our handbags are both fashionable and durable, and we stand behind them with a guarantee to repair any possible damage incurred.

Feel free to contact David Rand at 954-966-1560, or to email him at BagsByPinky@aol.com.

Thanking you in advance,
Bags By Pinky

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